Luminex has designed and delivered a total LED solution for the new freezer and logistics warehouse at Hørkram – Aarhus.

The plant is more than 14000 m2 and deals primarily with cooling-freezing facilities, as well as larger offices and welfare areas.

The primary lighting system in the cold-free warehouse is made with LINIA.

With temperatures down to -25 ° in the cold stores, RIDI and Luminex developed a new LINIA luminaire, especially suitable for the low temperatures.

In the corridors, the LINIA system, in certain areas, is installed at a height of 12 meters and luminaires with extra deep-radiating light optics have been used, so that the desired requirements of 200 lux at floor and 100 lux in the middle of shelving walls are obtained.

Watts pr. m2 is down to an average around 3W, which significantly reduces the energy consumption on the installed power, but also on the cooling effect.

RIDI-LINIA is supplied in Denmark by Luminex – https://www.luminex.dk


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LINIA Projects

Hilde-Domin School

Hilde-Domin School

Modernization of the Home Economics and Agricultural School in Herrenberg
Thybo Cars, Holstebro

Thybo Cars, Holstebro

In the workshop, the latest in continuous lighting busbar systems is fitted: RIDI-LINIA, which is incredibly easy to install and is extremely flexible.
1 FA (Finsbury Avenue) – Category B Fitout

1 FA (Finsbury Avenue) – Category B Fitout

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Elgiganten Fields, KBH

Elgiganten Fields, KBH

Elgiganten Fields in Copenhagen optimizes significantly on energy and the environment by switching to LINIA LED lighting.

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