The RIDI GROUP offers several options for reducing the financial burden that a new acquisition or the renovation of a lighting system entails.

Agreements are also held for the landlord and/or consumer that increase efficiency, ensure that the system is being monitored and analysed and enable remote diagnosis.

Lighting leasing

Financing via leasing agreement makes it easier to plan for costs, given that acquisition costs are not a high burden and the depreciation periods are shorter (maximum period of 72 months).  Leasing is possible starting from a value of €500. You should consider whether this is a good option for your lighting solution

Lighting rental

We like to follow the motto, rent that which loses value, buy that which gains.
Renting preserves the operator’s liquidity, the costs are low and can be calculated precisely, investments are possible even with a small budget and return of investment (ROI) starts from day one.
The RIDI GROUP guarantees low rates, transparent re-leasing rates, and no grey areas or hidden legal pitfalls.

The advantage of renting lighting is that the equipment is always state-of-the-art due to shorter production and innovation cycles.


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