With a variety of suitable optics available, LINIA can be configured very precisely for various sports requirements. For example, with badminton where there is a requirement for no immediate overhead lighting, luminaires can be used with asymmetric or double asymmetric lenses to light the space accurately without distracting glare.

The system is also robust and torsionally strong enough to cope with most sporting activities. Additional safety fixings can be supplied with certain fixtures to offer peace of mind in the event of a direct impact.

The project featured is a sports facility at the University of Bath where the system was designed to work with a deep timber baffled ceiling. Because of the height involved, a deep narrow optic was chosen. The luminaires are controlled via a DALI system.


LINIA Sports Projects

University of Bath

University of Bath

Bath University have a long standing reputation for using good quality energy efficient lighting throughout their campus and were early adopters on the LED revolution.

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