Data Centres

Data Centres are a fast expanding area where expertise can be limited in the lighting area. RIDI Lighting specialist teams have been supporting our clients operating in the Critical Systems arena demanded by Data Centres for a number of years. We pride ourselves on our Solutions approach. Whether the demanding requirements of Data Centre and Plant Room lighting, the simple to full system lighting controls or the integrated emergency batteries to full central battery and monitoring systems, RIDI Lighting Critical Systems Lighting Specialist are here to support you can help you

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40°C Ambient

All our lighting products are designed to operate at the demanding 40 Deg C + ambient temperature required for the hot/cold aisle. Our luminaires combined wide spacing capability with excellent glare control, enabling operators to carry out complex duties with minimal distraction.

Lighting Controls

Our lighting controls packages offer the full complexity of PIR activated dimming coordination and monitoring of DALI fittings with central facilities management oversight. However for less complex requirements we can offer simple mains switching PIRS negating the need for DALI luminaires

Emergency Lighting

Critical Systems demand just that. Lighting is an essential part of the emergency system. The high ambient temperatures of the data centre racks seriously shorten the life of localised emergency lighting batteries. RIDI simple Centralised Battery Systems can remove the batteries from the hot environment reducing risk and extending battery life. Servicing the main luminaires at 5-15% output or feeding dedicated emergency LED fittings, our systems offer complete flexibility


Luminaires, lighting controls and central battery systems require electrical mains, control and fire rated emergency cables to feed them. The backbone of our Data Centre offering is our LINIA lighting trunking system and luminaires. Our 5, 7 or 11 core cable feeds negate the need for mains, controls or fire rated cable along its length. A wide choice of luminaires and performance ensures that the lighting design is tailored to your Data Centre, maximising efficiency, energy saving and installation cost.


Save 75% Install Time

We compared the install time of RIDI LINIA against ordinary trunking.

We saved 75% by using LINIA


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