A Single Source for Data Centre Lighting, Control and Emergency Backup

Lighting in Data Centres required specialist knowledge and experience.

RIDI’s complete solution includes simple to install BusBar lighting, Lighting control systems that integrate with and report to the BMS and Central Battery Emergency lighting with automatic testing and logging.

Experience throughout Europe

We’ve supplied our systems; Lighting, Controls and Central Battery Emergency to Data Centres across Europe.

We know the challenges that accompany working in these demanding environments and have the experience to ensure you get the right solution that works with your project.

UK Based project management, with UK and European distribution for smooth running wherever the building is based.

It starts with a Solid Backbone
LINIA Continuous BusBar System

Our continuous BusBar lighting system, LINIA makes installing runs of light simple, quick and affordable. 

Mount the trunking, either surface mounted or suspended, take power to one end and then the lights are positioned and clicked into place without tools.

Lighting that can take the Heat

Our Data Centre luminaires are designed and tested to operate at the demanding 40°C ambient temperature required for the hot/cold aisle layout.

With wide spacings and excellent glare control, our luminaires enable operators to carry out complex duties without distraction.

Speedy to install

In our tests, LINIA is 75% quicker to install than conventional trunking systems.  And once it’s in, it’s juyst as easy to maintain, replace luminaires by removing the old and snapping in new – no tools required.

Watch the video to see how it compares.


75% Quicker to Install Than Conventional Trunking

Office and Breakout Lighting

You’ve sorted the data halls, but don’t forget about the people!

Our extensive range of office and breakout space lighting includes cost effective recessed panels, acoustic baffle lighting and statement designs. 

Generator Halls, Battery Rooms and other Plant and Machinery

With a less ordered layout than the data halls, individual industrial luminaires make more sense in these areas.  Our range includes impact resistance, water and vapour proof fittings and products that can withstand exposure to chemicals and fuels.

Corridors, Stairs,
WCs and Store Rooms

They don’t always get a lot of love, but an integrated approach to the whole building makes a lot of sense.  All our utility lighting is compatible with our Control3 lighting control system, making sure lights are switched off when not needed, any faults are reported automatically and emergency testing is carried out by the system.

Energy Saving, Intelligent Operation and Complete Management with Control³

Control³ is our networked lighting control and management system. It integrates lighting control and energy saving with emergency lighting monitoring and testing and BMS compatibility.

Scalable and flexible enough to run an entire building’s lighting.

Integration with your BMS.
Built in

Control³comes with software compatibility with Trend or BacNet based BMS systems.  Connect the Control³ unit to the same network as your BMS for monitoring, visualisation and control from the BMS head end.

Clip in simplicity

Installing sensors on LINIA is just as easy as the light fittings. Position on the trunking and clip into place – all the wiring is taken care of by the BusBar.

Nothing else to it!

Emergency Lighting
Central Battery System

Lighting is an essential part of the critical safety systems.  The high ambient temperature of data racks seriously shortens the life of integral emergency batteries.

RIDI Modular Central Battery Systems remove the batteries from the hot environment, reducing risk, extending life and making maintenance easier.

Lighting, Control and
Emergency Power over LINIA

Our 11 Core BusBar Continuous lighting system, LINIA has all the connections you need to run, control and monitor the lights.

In addition the extra Central Battery cores feed emergency lighting in the event of a power failure.

Fire Protected cable is only required to the end of a trunking run.  LINIA takes it from there.

Standard Fittings
or Dedicated Emergency Heads

Our DALI luminaires run in emergency mode when fed from the DC supply.  They contain no mechanical relays or switchover devices for utmost reliability.

Installation is as simple as the mains versions, just position and click into place. They automatically pickup the emergency cores in the trunking and run in both standard and emergency mode.

Dedicated emergency heads are supplied on individual LINIA plates and click in like the rest of the system.


All Monitored and
Tested by Control³

As well as taking care of the lighting control, reducing energy, reporting faults – all that jazz. Control³ monitors and tests all the emergency lighting too.

Whether it’s the Modular Emergency Central Battery,  integral batteries built into the fittings or a mixture of both, Control³ tests, monitors and reports on the whole system.


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