Consultation and Planning

Nowadays, extensive planning and consultation is required when designing a project or even an entire building. The latest findings and opportunities when it comes to economy, efficiency, design, employee motivation and connectivity must be optimised and networked.

Lighting in new buildings or renovation projects has stringent requirements that need to be met before the actual design can be developed. The technical expertise of the RIDI GROUP’s employees help to ensure that the right decisions are made at an early stage. Depending on the scope of the project, questions about the minimum and maximum requirements, any existing desires and ideas, the budget, the use of the building, flexibility, the importance of the lighting, funding programs and the timeline can also be discussed on-site together with the decision-makers.

The RIDI GROUP’s many years of project experience guarantees high-quality implementation. Our employees and their professional expertise and knowledge are at your disposal whenever you have questions or concerns.

We at the RIDI GROUP will provide your project with consultation and support until it is completed and beyond, if required.


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