Retailers, general stores, department stores, discounters and shopping malls – products have to be attractively displayed and sold everywhere. There is nothing better for this than good light. Light for presenting the commodities, light for creating a pleasant atmosphere, light for encouraging the purchase, but also light for marking the routes and to aiding orientation.

Every sales situation requires a special lighting solution, the aim always being to support or encourage the sale of the goods. Not only do design guidelines need to be considered, but aspects such as energy efficiency, corporate lighting for individual brands, light for display windows, light for shelving, light for aisles, pools of light and special light for changing cubicles, adjoining rooms, etc.

Various goods need special light, and so the planning for DIY stores, car dealerships, chemists, food shops, furniture stores or draper’s shops is always optimally matched to the goods and their presentation system.
Light for High street shops and retail outlets calls for slightly more sophisticated solutions, which must be systematically planned and implemented in order to meet each and every requirement. Attractive illumination of the goods is paramount. Safety, energy efficiency and, very importantly, the feel-good atmosphere for the customer though are equally high on the agenda.

RIDI has a broad range of products for all requirements – lighting solutions are realised for the discounter through to the premium retailer.

BRITT general area and shelf lighting, track mounted with a 90° adjustment


Aisles in retail stores are the ultimate discipline for
modern shelf lighting.

The new REY aisle zone spotlight has been specially
created to meet the complex requirements they pose
with ease. Its characteristic dynamic light profile
could not be more impressive, boasting cutting-edge
lighting technology.

General Area Lighting

For general store areas a product with flexibility is desirable in order to deal with changing displays and in most cases to deal with general uniform levels of light on the floor.

RIDI LINIA pre-wired trunking systems offer a very comprehensive range of outputs and distributions of light to suit pretty much any height and any space. With the focus on floor illumination, it is desirable to offer uniform levels of light for the optimum spacings. A pre-wired system is perfect in retail as fixtures can be moved around with ease for flexibility. Also such systems have a higher level of containment than track, so can be used effectively to carry sensors and emergency lighting systems. 

Another recent addition to our range is BRITT which offers excellent levels of efficiency and glare control. The unit casts a broad area of light and has the benefit of being able to tilt and swivel. It is available for 3-phase track as well as RIDI LINIA system


Spotlights allow you to create a perfectly accentuated lighting solution.

The areas of application in the retail sector are more varied and diverse than in any other field of application.

A crucial part of this is having the right spotlights. RIDI Leuchten GmbH offers a variety of different spotlights that can be used to solve this complex retail task with ease.

The special requirements of the individual applications are strictly adhered to, allowing the lighting to meet specific requirements, regardless of whether it’s special light colours for bakery products, fruit and vegetables, meat/sausage products and so on, or even design-oriented accents that need to be set.


Thanks to their top-quality, timeless and fresh design, the luminaires at the deli counter create a pleasant atmosphere and have a strong effect on the customer.


  • Well-planned solution for different areas of thedeli counter
  • Special light colours for various products, such asmeat, bakery products etc.
  • Gives the product an unrivalled presence
  • Powerful, highly efficient light engine
  • Versatile use with canopy or busbar adapter
  • Universal application: also perfectly suited forcatering areas


Integrated lighting for various shelves. No matter whether the shelves are in the chilled section, or are wine racks or bakery product shelves, the specially adapted luminaires bathe the sensitive products in the perfect light.


  • Sausage products are sensitive to incorrect or overly intense lighting as they end up stained grey and end up being wasted.
  • Special lighting technology reduces waste and extends the service life of the goods on the shelf.
  • Incredibly flexible, which allows the luminaires to adapt to the various types of shelving.
  • Outside the customers’ field of vision; these luminaires skilfully set the scene for sensitive products.


RIDI Group offers a wide range of decorative and functional luminaires suitable for the broader areas of retail such as malls and public access areas.

In Mall areas we can provide lighting to suit a unified corporate look as well as combining lighting with acoustics. We can also create products with specific corporate branding and can create special customer luminaires to work with particular local features.

Catering areas are among the most important elements in the retail business whether in store, within a mall or within a unit. We are able to offer different design families suitable for various catering areas and architectural styles. Also of importance are different light colours as well as special colours, such as for Patisserie products etc.


Entrance areas act as an advert for the rest of the retail space. An inviting and friendly atmosphere with the right light and design are therefore crucial. We can provide anything from modest lighting to portray a value based retail proposition to more elaborate fixtures to signify premium products. We also need to consider relaxation zones in places like car dealerships where customer waiting periods become a more pleasurable part of the experience.

More is required from luminaires in the checkout area. High-quality lighting solutions avoid direct glare, thus making the customer’s stay pleasant. In addition, the right illumination intensity creates the ideal conditions for the checkout and, last but not least, the light emphasises features that provide a sense of structure and encourage customers to buy. For this purpose, we offer custom-designed luminaires as well as those from our standard range.


The sale of different products is supported by using the appropriate light colours. RIDI Leuchten GmbH offers individually tailored lighting solutions that create an exciting shopping atmosphere and encourage shoppers to reach out and pick up products. Good lighting guides customers through the store and makes for a pleasant shopping experience.

The attractiveness of different foods is enhanced by special light colours. The products appear more appetising and more attractive.

  • Warm colour temperatures are used for red meat and sausage products, which guarantee a fresh and juicy presentation.
  • The freshness of fruit and vegetables is enhanced by warm light with natural colour rendering.
  • Light, yellowish tones make baked goods look crispy and attract the attention of the customer.
  • Cold, white light emphasises the white meat of fish and seafood.

The basic idea behind the presentation of fresh goods
is to reproduce their inherent colour as precisely as
possible in artificial light.


Axtell House

Axtell House

Axtell House Soho, London
Linley Showroom

Linley Showroom

Linley Showroom Pimlico, London
Robins and Day Peugeot Dealership, Godalming

Robins and Day Peugeot Dealership, Godalming

As part of Peugeot UK‘s refurbishment program to modernise its dealership network, the old Stag Hill Motors site in
Tafelladen, Tübingen

Tafelladen, Tübingen

The Tübinger Tafel (Tübingen Food Bank) has made it its mission to collect surplus food and food waste, and to give