With a broad range of products available, RIDI Group UK are able to offer appropriate products and solutions in many different sectors. Because of this we have a great wealth of knowledge and experience in operating across these different market segments.

Here we show particular segments of the markets where we have proven expertise where we can add value to your projects.


The modern office world is in a transitional state. Digitalisation, flexitime and global communication also caught on in the working world long ago and are turning offices to living spaces with communication zones, mobile workstations and recuperation areas.


Light and learning have long been recognised as complementary elements. With up to 80% of our information obtained visually, it is essential that centres of learning are lit optimally.

Warehouses and Logistics

The right quality and quantity of light is critical in the dynamic world of Logistics and Warehousing.

RIDI’s Warehouse lighting system is fast to install, efficient, cost effective and in stock!


Retailers, general stores, department stores, discounters and shopping malls – products have to be attractively displayed and sold everywhere. There is nothing better for this than good light.

Data Centres

Low energy usage and heat.  Modular flexible design, long service life and integrated control systems.


Maintainability, serviceability, impact resistance and long service life make the rail sector one of the most demanding sectors for the lighting industry. RIDI Group products come with 10-year commitment to parts availability with most products being fully serviceable.


Treating our historic buildings with integrity is important when it comes to relighting. Lighting is one of the elements of a listed building where upgrading is permitted..

Well Light

Biologically effective lighting refers to our biological clock. This clock is governed by night and day and our emotional response to it is affected by the amount and colour of the daylight.


Good light is a huge productivity factor, one which plays a key role for the work done by people. More than 80 percent of information is gathered by the eyes. This means, those who have optimum visual conditions as they work will be more productive and focused