Mission Statement

Our Vision

We are foremost, lighting manufacturers of interior products.  Whether for offices, education, public spaces or retail, we aim to provide the perfect solution for every project we’re involved with.

As a longstanding family owned and run business, we do not focus solely on profit or corporate thinking.  People form the focus of our actions with colleagues, customers and associates receiving our utmost support. We pay close attention to our customers’ needs, listen to what they tell us and work together to come up with the best possible solutions.  We always aim to give more than is expected.

Our Mission

We have always been independent manufacturers with a passion for design, technology and functionality.  We seek to combine ultra-modern technology and manufacturing processes with excellent design.

We inspire and enthuse our customers with meticulously engineered lighting which sets us apart from our competitors.  We listen to our customers and maintain a close relationship with them.  As a consequence we are able to turn challenges into innovative products and solutions.

The strength of our independent manufacturing abilities and the flexibility and agility it affords lets us respond quickly and uniquely to the needs of each project.  We maintain in-depth communication across the entire RIDI Group nationally and internationally to ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained as our performance benchmark.

Our UK Vision and Mission

Our objective is for RIDI Group UK to be established as the ‘go to’ company for innovative architectural and commercial lighting products – all under one roof. Our aim is to provide well engineered and well-designed products and solutions tailored to most budgets.

We also aim to deliver a more personalised and professional service to mirror our parent company in Germany. Because we are one of the few mainstream brands that are totally family owned, we always look to approach business in a way that reflects our non-corporate roots through partnership, solutions focus, trust and reliability.