Investment in LED board production at out Jungingen factory means we are able to produce the specific components we need rather than relying on generic designs from third party producers.

High efficiency designs | Local Production | Guaranteed Parts Availability


High efficiency designs

The right tool for the job.

Each luminaire may require a different type of LED board.

Small spotlights need high power LEDs for a punchy tight beam of light. Large evenly lit products use more, lower power LEDs for better uniformity, lower power usage and longer life.

Because we design the boards, luminaires and cooling we can pick the optimal combination for the product.

Local production

Quality, Made in Germany

Our LED boards are produced in our Jungingen facility and incorporated into luminaires on the same site.

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Guaranteed parts availability

Repair & Refurbish

Our LED boards are designed to be replaced once the output has dropped by 20%, typically after 50,000hrs.

Replacing only the boards means the rest of the luminaire is re-used and the building fabric is untouched.

We guarantee to have the boards available for at least 10years from point of sale.


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