The next generation of RIDI LINIA builds on nearly forty years of experience of producing quick fix lighting trunking systems.

LINIA EVO brings support for up to fourteen electrical conductors, faster and more streamlined installation and a more efficient and sustainable production process.


Five, Seven, Thirteen or Fourteen Core BusBar Trunking


Selectable Phase L1, L2 and L3

Neutral and Earth


Selectable Phase L1, L2 and L3

Neutral and Earth

DALI / Dimming Pair


Selectable Phase L1, L2 and L3

Neutral and Earth

DALI/Dimming Pair

Two Central Battery Circuits L1, L2 – N1, N2

Additional DALI/Dimming/Accessory Pair


Two Sets of Selectable Phase L1, L2 and L3

Two Neutral and Earth

Two DALI/Dimming/Accessory Pairs

LINIA EVO trunking is available in three lengths: 1.5m, 3.0m and 4.5m and in White, Silver or Black finishes

warehouses, offices, industry, education, datacentres, retail …
LINIA EVO is for everywhere

Snap in Light Fittings

LED light modules clip in without tools at any position along the trunking length.

Freely re-position the lights at any time in the future without the need for electrical work.

DUO Connect

Extend trunking runs seamlessly with the quick fix DUO Connect connectors. Slide in and Click. Mechanical and electrical connections are made without tools and without fuss.


5m Between Fixings

The new, highly rigid trunking profile means suspension points can be stretched up to 5m between fixings. A huge saving in time and cost.

for any ceiling type

Wire suspensions, chain or rod fixings, surface mounting brackets or even clips for exposed T ceilings.

LINIA EVO fixing kits are available for every conceivable installation requirement. All feature ultra fast snap on attachment to the back of the trunking.

Total Flexibility

With connections for Lighting Controls, Central Battery Emergency lighting systems, Sensor modules and adaptors for pendant luminaires, LINIA-EVO handles all your lighting needs in one.


Smarter packaging…

The end pieces of the LINIA-EVO trunking packaging feature an integrated cutting guide, to allow simple accurate on site modifications to the length of trunking on site.

…that’s more sustainable too.

The dual use packing/cutting guides are made from a compostable amalgam of kelp, waste wood pulp fibre, chalk and water.

We’ve also reduced the packaging material by more than 80% helping to reduce C0₂ from production and transport.

Sport Pesa

RIDI Lenses on LINIA

LINIA-EVO products






Output (lm)

IP Rating

Impact Protection



LINIA EVO Catalogue


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