Illumination for industrial facilities and warehouses

Good light is a huge productivity factor, one which plays a key role for the work done by people. More than 80 percent of information is gathered by the eyes. This means, those who have optimum visual conditions as they work will be more productive and focused, produce work of higher quality and with less mistakes. Good light also has a positive effect on well-being and, of course, health. Depending on workplace and the activity, the light has to make the visual task easier.

Efficiency of planning and energy usage

When it comes to planning the lighting system for large industrial premises or warehouses, economy and efficiency play a major role. A light management system, which includes daylight, automatically regulates the lighting level and controls usage or application-specific illumination, thereby making a substantial contribution to energy saving. Motion and presence sensors are a fast and reliable medium for increasing the cost-efficiency of a lighting system.

RIDI offers a broad range of potential applications, with the RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system in particular, but hall spotlights, industrial luminaires and strip lights also make an important contribution here.

LINIA Prewired Systems

Good lighting means adequate light for the immediate task, without interference from glare or shadows.

Particularly with the RIDI LINIA light band, RIDI has a wide range of applications in this area. However, hall illumination, industrial lighting and lighting strips also play a crucial role. The VLPG-F device carriers for RIDI LINIA were developed specially for use in demanding industrial environments. In order to counter the adverse ambient temperatures, the LEDs are given a protective coating, and the seals are made of an oil-resistant material.

Additionally, RIDI offers a solution for the food-processing industry with the RIDI LINIA FLAT device carrier, which conforms to German food law (HACCP [Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points]).

LINIA is 70% faster to install than conventional trunking. 
Watch the video to see how.

Hibay and Floodlighting

For point source illumination, RIDI and NORKA have a wide range of products to serve high illumination requirements as well as high ingress protection needs.
Key products for NORKA include Polaris, Centurus and Uranus. These all feature floodlighting style adjustability to aim the light in a precise way. Outputs can go up to 60,000 lumens rated at L80 B10. NORKA products are all generally available in custom versions to suit differing environments such as swimming pools etc.

RLS HERO and ROBUST from RIDI are all High Bay style luminaires with excellent Glare control as their key strengths. In the case of the HERO which produces up to 60,000 lumens, these are produced from a series of aluminium profiles which mean we are able to produce special lengths and outputs tailored to your environment.

All point source products can be electrically fed from LINIA as a containment system. With adaptors from Weilend etc, they can feed all these luminaires with the advantage of Plug-and-Play facility.

Lighting for Automotive Manufacture

RIDI Group have worked very closely with the main automotive manufacturers in Germany – and related subsidiary companies outside Germany. From our years of working and experience we have developed very specific solutions together with specific manufacturers. These have been both lighting and energy related solutions. Many of these specific solutions remain private and are not marketed outside these organisations.

Important aspects such as quality of light, colour rendering, glare control and ability to inspect areas such as paint are important aspects for product selection. High service life and fast installation time is a key reason why RIDI LINIA remains a stable choice.

A product produced specifically for automotive are the special ranges of paint inspection luminaires that run off our LINIA system. These feature linear lengths of blended colour corrected light from 927 to 965. The colour contrast enables all colour paint finishes to be inspected accurately.

Lighting for the Food industry

Any company that produces, processes or stores foodstuffs is subject to strict hygiene regulations. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) concept has been enshrined in German law through the Food Hygiene Regulation since 1998. This is a preventative system for the safety of foodstuffs and consumers. Safety that also has to be reflected in the installed lighting system. Specific rules and standards stipulate that a light source must be covered. This excludes the possibility of glass or contaminants entering the production line. However, at the same time the actual diffusers must not pose any hazards. At RIDI Group and NORKA luminaires can be installed in food processing companies and can expect a positive IFS certification as part of the integrated lighting system in the overall plant.

NORKA offer a range of high protection rating IP69K with enhanced resistance to cleaning agents. The high protection rating of the luminaires allows cleaning at high pressure up to 100 bar and with up to 80 °C hot water and a variety of cleaning agents, alongside good chemical resistance.

For an overview of which products are suitable for which area see the table below:

Lighting for Agriculture

An agricultural facility comprises many fields of activity and therefore has various requirements for lighting. Areas for loading and unloading and for manoeuvring vehicles,
entries and exits, storage areas, equipment washing areas or silage storage can form part of the requirements in the outside area. Indoors it might be workshops with work pits, equipment rooms, storage rooms, personnel rooms and animal sheds.

All rooms require the right illumination for carrying out the work. These can be indirect illumination, e.g. in work pits, or uniform illumination of large storage areas as well as glarefree illumination of offices. Some of these areas are frequented briefly several times a day and are therefore particularly suitable for motion controlled lighting solutions.

Humans and animals depend on each other and practically share their workplace. In addition to hygienic aspects such as cleanliness in the stables/sheds and of the air, lighting is a seal of quality for a harmonious work environment. A good lighting concept is characterised by energy efficient illumination that complies with DIN standards. Different studies from renowned institutions confirm a direct relationship between a lighting system with well balanced intensity and duration of illumination and the emotional state, the development and the productivity of the animals. The rearing and keeping of cattle, pigs, horses and poultry in modern facilities consequently uses finely graduated illumination programmes to support the natural habits of the animals. In the sector of economically used animals, the luminaires are exposed to mechanical strain, caused e.g. by impact or intensive cleaning processes using high-pressure cleaners, as well as to chemical strain from disinfectants and cleaning agents, not in the least ammonia.

RIDI Group Industrial Projects

Cement Factory

Cement Factory

LINIA with its IP rating was chosen for this inhospitable Belgian cement factory.
Fire Station, Eisingen

Fire Station, Eisingen

The new fire station in Eisingen is a highly-modern and future-facing functional building that meets all the requirements of a modern voluntary fire brigade
Hilde-Domin School

Hilde-Domin School

Modernization of the Home Economics and Agricultural School in Herrenberg
LEONI Kabel GmbH, Roth

LEONI Kabel GmbH, Roth

LEONI is a global provider of products, solutions and services for energy and data management in the automotive ...

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