LINIA Bus Bar lighting system suits a wide range of project types, from industrial and warehousing to offices and education.  Find out how RIDI LINIA can streamline your lighting requirements no matter what the job.


Unparralled speed of install and flexibility for secondary fit outs makes LINIA perfect for Catagory A office projects


High output, quick install and excellent value for money.  Refurbish your buildings with minimal downtime.


Highly efficient, with modules designed especially for lighting aisles and racking and a range of spotlights to higlight and impress.

How quick is LINIA to install?

We timed RIDI LINIA against a standard trunking installation.

We saved 75% compared to the usual method.

We filmed it all so you can see for yourself!


Robust, IP54 rated products and the ability to tune the output and light quality to match the task at hand.


Excellent value for money, flexibility of control and speedy install. LINIA is ideal for new builds and refurbishments.

Data Centres

Low energy usage and heat.  Modular flexible design, long service life and integrated control systems.

Sports Halls

Bright crisp light with a wide range of distributions to suit all types of sport.  Ball impact rated luminaires guarantee great lighting for years to come.

Public Spaces

Versatility and flexibility are the key requirements when it comes to lighting public areas such as exhibition space, galleries, terminal buildings etc.

Power Distribution

Use LINIA when installing any lighting as a flexible, modular power and controls distribution system.

How to install

Watch the video to see how simple LINIA is to assemble and install.  Step by step breakdown showing how it all goes together.

LINIA is quick and simple to install saving time and money


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