The RIDI GROUP acts sustainably

Sustainability and responsibility at RIDI Leuchten GmbH spans production, products and logistics, all the way through to environmentally friendly electricity production and heating at the headquarters in Jungingen, Germany. In addition, employees also take care of completed projects by providing support and advice as part of the after-sales service.

Using resources in a responsible manner begins with the BEK Bioenergie Killertal GmbH biomass cogeneration plant, which is connected to the RIDI GROUP. This plant heats the entire site in Jungingen, thus making a valuable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.


At the end of 2019, the conversion to a steam turbine increased electricity production from 2.2 million KWh per year to approximately 5 million KWh per year.

Responsibility for the products is also very important.

RIDI Leuchten GmbH manufactures its products in way that is as energy efficient as possible and pays attention to their sustainability, quality, and durability.
The development of the RIDI-TUBE and the associated assembly and compatibility options, as well as the in-house production of LED boards, both help to avoid long delivery times and long transport routes and create sustainable lighting.
The luminaires are manufactured to be as recyclable as possible, that is, there are no bondings or fixed connections.

After-sales service

The RIDI Campus offers training courses in products in use, installing RIDI GROUP products as well as seminars on lighting calculation software.

At the request of the customer, luminaires and spotlights are aligned according to the operator’s requirements after installation and after the building has been commissioned, especially in the retail sector.

The lighting system can be maintained and cleaned upon request. This includes maintenance for emergency lighting control systems as well as the modification of the lighting system if the building undergoes restructuring.

The RIDI GROUP team is there for you for future renovations and expansions.

Last but not least:

Our first level support will be happy to provide further assistance with delivery, installation or any other questions about a RIDI GROUP project within its term and can be contacted at


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