How fast is RIDI LINIA?

We compared the install time of LINIA against a conventional trunking system.

Speed of Install

We organised a test to compare the speed of install of RIDI LINIA with standard galvanised trunking and surface mounted LED batten luminaires.

The test was performed by CES electrical and overseen by Peter Hay of Dome engineering. Both CES operatives have many years experience installing conventional trunking system and were new to RIDI LINIA.On a run of 16.5 metres with 4 Standard DALI luminaires and two Emergency DALI luminaires mounted on each, there was a saving of just over 75% on the install time using LINIA compared to conventional wiring methods.

  • Conventional Trunking : 93 Minutes

  • RIDI LINIA: 23 Minutes


Save 75% on your install time with RIDI LINIA

Want to know how to install it?


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