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Providing the right light is a key productivity factor which makes a large difference to the way we work. Over 80% of the information we receive is taken in visually. It provides optimum conditions for working and induces greater productivity and concentration. This equates to improved work quality and fewer errors.

The right quality and quantity of light is critical in the dynamic world of Logistics and Warehousing.

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Available from UK Stock

LINIA Flexibility

Continuous BusBar
Trunking Lighting System

Our continuous BusBar lighting system, LINIA, makes installing runs of light simple, quick and affordable. Mount the trunking, take power to one end and then click lights, sensors and emergency lighting anywhere along the length without the need for tools.

LINIA is ideal for warehouse racking, with incredibly efficient dedicated optics which focus the light where it’s needed, and a range of lighting controls so save even more energy.

The incredible flexibility of LINIA means you can add other non-lighting devices to the trunking. Air Purifiers, WiFi access points, NFC readers, CCTV etc. With our standard power module plates, 3rd party devices can be positioned and powered with ease.

Future Proof &
Easy to Reconfigure

A Solid Backbone

7 Core BusBar Trunking

Three Circuit Lighting power and DALI Control are incorporated within the trunking BusBar.

2.5mm² Conductors and three phase supports allow for runs of up to 60 lights from a single electrical feed.  For normal warehouse mounting heights, that’s a run of nearly 200 metres.

Trunking can be surface mounted, wire or chain suspended and has quick mounting brackets for all types of ceiling.

Europe’s Leading Multicore BusBar System

4 x Faster

Simplicity Means
a Quicker Installation


LINIA is a bus bar trunking system, with the electrical connections running the length of the system. Lights, Sensors and Emergency Lighting are all clicked into place, automatically picking up the correct connections. A single feed into the end of the run powers everything.

We had an independent, experienced electrical installer compare the installation time of RIDI LINIA with conventional trunking. The result? LINIA was four times faster to install, saving massively on labour costs.

Labour Saving

Instant Availability

Stocked in the UK

RIDI Group UK have committed to a stock profile of both Broad and Extreme Narrow beam distribution type luminaires.

All trunking components are either stocked in the UK or available from our German distribution centre. We have tailored our offering towards fast availability.

Available from Stock

LEONI Kabel GmbH
Roth, Germany

Efficient Light where You need it

172 lm /W

Individually Lensed LEDs for the Best Energy Savings

Our Extreme Narrow Warehouse Optic, punches the light between the aisles exactly where it’s needed. In open areas or lower ceiling heights, the Broad version provides even illumination.

Extreme Narrow


Emergency Lighting

Banish the Hassle
Stay Safe and Compliant

 Dedicated emergency lighting modules click into the trunking system as easily as all the other modules.  With high outputs and warehouse specific tight focus lenses the whole place is covered for safety lighting in the event of power loss.

All modules are self testing as standard meaning the minimum of work to ensure test records are up to date. Alternatively, connect to our Control³ lighting control system for fully automatic testing and recording.

Peace of Mind

Lighting Controls

Click in, Plug and Play
Lighting Controls


Long range movement detectors, designed for warehouse racking, automate switching, and save wasted energy. The innovative zoom light sensor reads the light level on the floor, and adjusts the output to save more energy when there’s available sunlight.

Installation is simple, just plug into the trunking and the LINIA busbar system takes care of the rest.

The control system levels are available, from simple movement based switching to energy monitoring, BMS connection and emergency lighting testing and monitoring.

Energy Saving


On Site, Maintenance and Long Term Support

Our products have a 5 year warranty, and should you need a replacement it’s quick and easy for anyone. During the first year, should anything go wrong, you benefit from our on site rectification assurance from our in house enginers.

More than that, we support our products long term. We guarantee parts availability on any products for at least 10 years. We’ve been making continuous lighting trunking systems for over 35 years.

Full Backup Support


For over 60 Years

Our products are designed, manufactured and distributed in a way to make them as sustainable as possible.

We choose to build our LED boards in house, meaning fewer transport miles and guaranteed availability of spares for future maintainability

Our lighting control options reduce energy usage by turning the lights off when they’re not needed and making full use of the available natural light.

Lighting is for people. As we learn more about the physiological effects lighting has on us, we endeavour to produce and design systems that contribute to your wellbeing.

Responsible Light

Responsible Light is our ethos spelled out.

Serviceable Products

Made in Germany

Lighting Design

Free, Expert support from the Manufacturers of LINIA

With over 35 years experience of supplying LINIA BusBus lighting systems, RIDI are in an ideal position to advise and support you with your project.

Our design guide includes example projects and best practise advice on all aspects of lighting warehouse and logistics centres, including ancilliary areas like offices, WCs, and client facing areas.

Contact us for a survey and project specific design for your building from one of our experienced Project Engineers.


Making the Energy Savings Pay

As part of RIDI’s 360° service, we are pleased to offer financing on the supply and install of a LINIA based warehouse lighting solution.

When looking at replacement of existing legacy technology lighting systems, the energy savings alone can make the whole process cost negative over the finance term, and we will take this into account.


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