LED expertise

RIDI’s In house LED Facility

In 2010 RIDI made the decision to establish a department at Jungingen solely for the development of LED products.  In particular the development and production of our own LED modules.  Only by following this path were we able to have the components we need to make the luminaires we want.

Independence from external supplies means that we are free to produce the right light sources for our luminaires, we can react quickly to new technlogies and customer requests.

The SMD assembly line

With two fully functioning SMD (surface mount devices) production lines, we are able to populate out LED boards with LEDs to our specifications.  If a specific colour tempertaure or CRI is needed we can pick the correct LED chips for the job and mount them to our expnasive range of LED boards.  As this is all done in our Jungingen factory, turn around times are rapid and shipping is kept to a minimum.

The video above shows the process of LED board production from start to finish. We have an extensive stock of unpopulated boards all designed by RIDI to suit our luminaires.  Solder is applied to the board, A suitable LED chip is picked for colour temp, CRI and loaded into the pick and place machine.  LED Chips and electrcal connectors are rapidly placed on the board and aligned optically.  The board passes through a series of ‘reflow’ ovens which melt the solder making electrical contact and fixing the chips in place mechanically.  Finally the boards are sawn up into the final modules.

Quality Control

LED products are subject to stringent quality control and inspections.

LED Chips

Check the colur temperature, CRI and light output of individual chips from a batch to maintain consistancy and adherance to our technical specification


Vibration and distortion tests on a randomised selection of fully populated LED modules. 
X-ray inspection of solder bonds to check for voids and positioning accuracy.

All Components

Tests to check compatibility of all components are performed in heat chambers.  Cabling, paintwork and plastics are checked to ensure they do not produce any harmful chemical outgassing which could damage the LED modules and reduce lifespan.

Materials are tested at temperature for compatibility with LED modules


We are confident of our in house LED module quality and so provide the following warranty on our own LED sources.

Products rated  ≥ 50,000hrs – 5 Year Warranty from Invoice 

Products rated  < 50,000hrs – 3 Year Warranty from Invoice 

Parts and Spares

50,000hrs is a long time, but we expect our luminaires to be useful long after the LEDs useful life.  As such we design the majority of our LED products with replaceable LED modules.  We guarantee availability of replacement parts for at least 10 years.