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Spectral are one of the leading brands in architectural lighting when it comes to ring and shape formations. They have being producing such products for nearly 20 years and were earlier adopters of LED sources back in 2008. LED’s liberated our design potential back then and today we offer a comprehensive range of choices to suit any project requirements.

Many projects in many sectors have trusted Spectral to deliver high performance and high quality structures that will not only last for many years to come but also be maintainable for many years to come under our Circular Economy Responsible Light manifesto.

25 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London
H140 Profil Custom Shaped ‘Squircle’


Spectral offer a range of standard sized rings for easy specification purposes, mostly from their STORA-LK ranges. However we offer all sorts of size variations and shape derivatives using our H-PROFIL system. These can be configured to create circles, ovals, squares and squircles (which are a hybrid design of circles and squares). Our bespoke service will also allow you to draw up your own shape and sizing where we can work directly from your CAD design. This is popular where we need to match up to a structural feature of a building such as a lightwell and centre feature.

Porsche Centre, Oslo
Stora-LK Pendant Ring


Creating structures as an integrated feature of your building requires precision and good coordination. They also require sturdy construction for reliable installation. Spectral have been trusted on many prestigious buildings to deliver such products and systems and will coordinate delivery of as few parts as possible, to make installation simple. As much pre-assembly from our factory is key. Constraints of access to the buildings are our only limitation.

Wolfson College Buttery, Oxford
H80 Profil Integrated Ceiling Construction

New Scotland Yard, London
H140 Profil Integrated Ceiling Construction


Spectral has strong heritage in heritage. Our ring chandeliers have been delivered on projects all over Europe and are designed appropriately for longevity as well as serviceability in the future. The design is classic raw structure that echoes the traditional ring candle pendant chandeliers or years gone by. Because of constraints of working in historic buildings, Spectral can embed discrete wireless technology to control the chandeliers with any additional wiring.

McEwan Hall, University of Edinburgh
H80 Profil Ring Chandeliers

Christ Church Downend, Bristol
H80 Profil Ring Chandeliers


Of course, Spectral can offer most available paint finishes as options. However we can also offer special textured finishes such as burnished finishes, faux wood transfer finishes as well as fabric applications if required.

Furness House, London
Burnished Bronze Finish Ring Pendants


When our standard product derivates are not enough then Spectral’s team can also work on special custom products as one-off pieces. To keep costs sensible we always try to work with standard internal components and have modular framework systems that can be used to craft any shape. From there on we can adapt these structures to incorporate requirements such as speakers, laser-cut detailing and even cinema projectors. We really can cover most requirements.

For the purposes of quality control we will generally pre-build the structure to ensure everything goes together correctly and then label up the parts to ensure the correct sequence of assembly. Above all we have the team of people with the experience to deliver these very special projects.

World’s largest Pendant Light
London Bank

The World’s Largest Light Fitting, London
Bespoke 12m Diameter Pendant

Aberdeen Art Gallery, Scotland
Bespoke Pendant Ring with Integrated AV Projectors

Aberdeen Art Gallery


i360, Brighton
Large Diameter H140 Profil Pendant Ring


All Spectral rings and structures are hand made and are built with care and attention. We prebuild and test all special oversized structures where systems are delivered in parts. Spectral have a dedicated team who specialise in the process of bending and forming extruded aluminium and have access to a wide variety of performance LED modules from within RIDI group.




The H140 profile has been specially developed for the purpose of creating large continuous light that can be straight or curved.


The H80 profile consists of two mirrored T-profile aluminium extrusions, which are joined by special connectors to form an extremely stable H construct.


A suspended ring of light, available in four standard diameters with Direct only and Direct / Indirect options.

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