APCON lighting and building control system

The RIDI GROUPs APCON lighting and building control system meets the requirements for lower energy consumption for lighting systems. It reduces CO2 emissions and increases service life with features ranging from reducing power to completely switching the lighting system off via sensors.

APCON offers great ease of use with elements such as touch panels, apps, dimmers, pushbutton couplers, as well as the option of connecting user-specific control panels.  Adaptations to changes in use or expansions can be easily implemented and provide maximum flexibility

Lighting and building control System overview

APCON can do so much more.

The RIDI GROUP’s product range covers the functional possibilities of APCON lighting and building control. The selection begins with simple motion detection and extends to customer-specific requirements, such as building access control or blind control. With the APCON lighting and building control system, we have enabled the implementation of logical functions/links and even the monitoring of single-battery and central-battery emergency luminaires, for example.


APCON EASY solutions are application oriented and offer suitable remote operation and carefully designed apps for configuration. This system is particularly suitable for shelf aisles, corridors, simple industrial halls, hotels, retirement homes, shops, offices and classrooms.

APCON EASY motion detection is based on selected products from recognised manufacturers. Connecting a wireless lighting control solution to the widely used Casambi system (RIDI Smart Control) this is also possible with APCON EASY.


APCON INDIVIDUAL lighting and building control solutions are custom-made and offer a high level of functional possibilities, making it the ideal system for more demanding applications such as sports facilities, various industrial sectors, factory buildings and in logistics.

APCON INDIVIDUAL components are available for top-hat rail installation in control cabinets, ceiling installation, wall installation in junction boxes and luminaire installation. They are configured using clearly structured, license-free software


APCON UNLIMITED offers maximum functionality and flexibility. Only industrial standard components are used. These programmable logic controllers are programmed in accordance to the EN 61131 standard and guarantee a high degree of safety when in operation and have virtually unlimited functional possibilities/scalability in terms of function and system scope.

APCON UNLIMITED lighting and building control solutions are designed for large projects, such as automobile manufacturers production departments and in large logistics centres.


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