Warranty, Lifetime and Parts Availability

Reliability, longevity and sustainability

Quality is our number one priority, ensuring that every product that leaves our factory is one that we can be proud of.  We set ourselves the highest quality goals and the most stringent standards and controls. We are able to guarantee consistently high quality.

Our products are designed and built for long life and while LED technology provides impressive longevity, we expect our products to remain useful after the LED lifetime.  As such we design the majority of our products to have replaceable LED boards and as we produce the boards ourselves, we can guarantee availability of parts for 10 years from point of purchase.

Recycling used products is one thing, but we believe producing well made maintainable luminaires that can be used many years longer than disposable, recyclable products is a more sustainable way forward.


ISO Certificate, LED Warranty, Test Data Acceptance certification are available for download

ISO Certificate

LED Warranty Declaration

Test Data Acceptance Program 2 (VDE)

Test Data Acceptance Program 3 (VDE)

LED Product Warranty

We offer two warrantys for LED products, one for products with a rated lifetime of ≥50,000hrs and on another for products with a rated lifetime of <50,000hrs

 ≥50,000hrs – 5 Year warranty from point of invoice
<50,000hrs – 3 Year warranty from point of invoice

The warranty is valid across Europe and the UK but may be extended to other countries on request.  It covers exclusively product failures due to material, design or production faults.  Download full details.

Product parts availability

10 Year part replacement guarantee

We produce all out LED modules and R-Tube light sources in house in our Juningen facility.  We are able therefore to deliver equivalent replacement parts for a minimum of 10 years from point of purchase.



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