RIDI Group Additions are everything else outside our key brands, that are needed to complete most of your commercial project requirements. All products are either made or sourced to our RIDI Group standards. Products designed by our technical team in the UK often have core components from RIDI Group such as LED boards. There are also many of these products made to our very own specification

Engineering specials solutions from the UK

Our technical team in the UK are linked to our technical system in Germany. This means via our 3D CAD capability; we can get the product made in Germany or more locally in the UK. Having access to group components also opens our possibilities for specials in the UK with tried and tested components.

Selected and approved products

RIDI work with key companies to bring in selected products that are not just me-too offerings. We work with companies such as EMFA and Open Technology where we take in selected products that we feel best suit our market and also where we can add value.

Controls and emergency lighting specific to UK

Products such as controls are more than supplying a series of components. Value is added through expertise, support and products that are tailored to our needs.

For emergency lighting products we aim to supply products to suit most budgets and most requirements. Again some products are made to our specification giving you the peace of mind when specifying ‘RIDI Group Additions’


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