Preventing unnecessary waste

At RIDI Group we believe that refurbishment is the most environmentally conscious way of purchasing a product. Unlike recycling, much less energy is expended in refurbishing products and reselling to market.

Our offer is categorised by refurbishment standards A+, A or B that are all be independently tested at a registered test house. The products are delivered with certification. We also offer three types of refurbishment as follows

Type 1.

We take current products that have been used for a short time, inspect them, refurbish them and offer them for sale at a greatly reduced rate with our normal five year warranty. These products may have come back from Cat A projects, be opened and returned goods or maybe refurbished from damaged returns.

Type 2.

We also look at older structurally sound products that are economically viable to completely refurbish. Products like Spectral’ s premium H-PROFIL system are designed to last the life of the building and with products like this, we would do a total internal replacement and again offer a full warranty. This tends to be offered on more premium grade products.

Type 3.

We take older brand new fluorescent stock from within the business and convert these to modern LED equivalents. Again these products can be offered at a considerable saving and would have a full new warranty applied. We generally look to convert products that are a current design such as F-LINEs from RIDI.





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