Key Products


LINIA is an 11 core busbar carrier trunking system with a broad range of dedicated luminaires, spotlights accessories and lighting controls.

LINIA is quick and simple to install, flexible and easy to maintain and above all cost effective.


The Spectral Blade System combines vertical acoustic elements and luminaires for optimum user comfort in terms of lighting technology and acoustics. This combination provides a seamless installation, especially in modern office buildings where classical SUSPENDED ceilings are not installed, and offers numerous design possibilities.

Iris Family

The annular shape of the iris celebrates its reference to the human eye. The combination of clear transparency, microprismatic light control and diffusely scattering lateral housing surfaces draws the eye through, making Iris less obtrusive than more expected designs. So exposed ceilings are enhanced not hidden by the lighting.


Our range of continuous extruded aluminium luminaires for creating shapes, defining spaces and lighting with lines.

Shapes and Structures

Spectral are one of the leading brands in architectural lighting when it comes to ring and shape formations. They have being producing such products for nearly 20 years and were earlier adopters of LED sources back in 2008. LED’s liberated our design potential back then and today we offer a comprehensive range of choices to suit any project requirements.


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