APCON lighting and building control: the gateway to the ‘Internet of Things’

APCON opens up the world of IoT. Sensors generate movement data and are constantly measuring the light intensity, for example. The luminaires’ intelligent and fully-electronic components write and store the operating data, which is networked via a bus line. This provides the infrastructure for the evaluation and further use of this versatile data.

This is made possible by interfaces that are adapted to the building and its IT infrastructure, and meet all security requirements, allowing data to be passed on directly to the relevant cloud applications.

The analysis of the data obtained, coupled with the experience gained by using the lighting system on a daily basis and the APCON lighting and building control system tailored to it, can highlight potential areas of optimisation and, in turn, increase energy savings. For example, updating or changing the configuration can shorten the motion sensors’ follow-up times or reduce the light’s setpoint value.

The scalability of APCON’s lighting and building control system means that control points for lighting or more lighting in other areas of the building can be added at any time.

After choosing to go with a comprehensive RIDI GROUP 360° solution, the RIDI GROUP’s team of experts are there for you whenever you need them, even in the years to come.


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