SECULINE emergency lighting solution

Emergency lighting is a crucial element in a building’s lighting concept and is important for safety and security. The RIDI GROUP’s SECULINE emergency lighting solutions consist of carefully selected, state-of-the-art components that meet the highest quality standards. All legal regulations are factored in as a matter of course.

With the SECULINE emergency lighting solutions, the SECUCON single-battery monitoring solutions and the SECUPLY central-battery powered solutions, the RIDI GROUP offers tailored complete solutions for projects.


escape route sign luminaires are available in a wide variety of designs to match all of the RIDI GROUP’s lighting solutions. The Iconia escape route sign luminaires from the Spectral brand portfolio are ideal for sectors with particularly high architectural demands.

SECUTRAIL and SECUSPOT emergency luminaires

The integration of emergency luminaires enables continuous lighting systems with the same design. In mains operation, the emergency luminaires are combined with the general lighting and, in the event of a blackout, illuminate the escape route with reduced light output. SECUTRAIL emergency luminaires can be fully integrated.

SECUSPOT is suitable for areas that can be optimally illuminated by a separate emergency luminaire. SECUSPOT is available in recessed-ceiling luminaires and surface-mounted luminaires with different light distributions.

SECUCON single-battery monitoring via DALI

The DALI version of SECUCON single-battery monitoring solutions can be controlled and monitored via a separate touch panel or via web visualisation in a web browser. That way, the SECUWAY and Iconia single-battery escape luminaires and the SECUTRAIL and SECUSPOT single-battery safety luminaires can all be monitored properly, the test times can be set and the legally required inspection logbook for proof of cyclical checks can be viewed and stored.

SECUPLY central-battery systems

SECUPLY central-battery power supplies with DALI monitoring are designed according to industrial standards.

The modular design of this emergency lighting supply system is carefully designed, clearly structured and makes solutions for any project possible. This system provides maximum ease of use regardless of whether the LPS (Low Power Supply) version with power limitations or the CPS (Central Power Supply) version with up to 40 load circuits and a maximum battery output power of 100 KW is used.

EXIDA-ACC-Performance IP65

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