Control3 is a comprehensive building wide DALI lighting control system. It is based on the powerful Control3 processor, a stand alone lighting controller which can also be integrated onto your building’s IP network.

Control3 provides exhaustive functionality and energy saving. The system is simple to install, cost effective and built around open industry standards.

Included Functionality

Energy Saving

Motion Detection
DALI multisensor sensors detect occupancy and allow both presence and absence control regimes.
Using presence detection, lights switch on and off automatically with occupancy. With absence detection, lights need to be switched on manually but still switch off automatically.

Daylight Harvesting
A room with daylight is more natural and comfortable to work in. It also means that less artificial light is needed. Automatic dimming and switching of the lighting maintains the right lighting levels and reduces energy usage.

 Time Control
Lighting output and settings can be timed to match your building’s usage. Each area can respond to the type of usage based on day and time.

Energy Monitoring
The system constantly monitors and records the output of each light fitting. The resulting graph of power usage can be viewed for any areas within the building, allowing you to fine tune the settings for the best use of resources.

Comfort, Convenience and Wellbeing

Scene Setting and Sequences
Change the mood or function of a room at the touch of a button. And you can fine tune those scenes any time using the simple web based UI built right into each Control3 system. Used with RGB luminaires we can create sequences of changing colour.

Circadian rhythms and Tuneable White
Daylight is never static, it changes in colour and intensity from dawn to dusk. Used with RIDI group tuneable white luminaires, Control3 is able to mimic this cycle to promote wellbeing.

Find out more about well lighting

Smart Circulation
We don’t hold on a whole building’s corridors and circulation areas, just because one office is occupied.

Smart Circulation puts a bubble of light around building users so that they never enter a dark corridor or stairwell, while minimising the lit area to save energy.

AV Integration
Connect to with your AV system so that at a touch of button the blinds will close, the projector and sound system will switch on and of course the perfect light level will be set.

Maintenance, Monitoring and BMS integration

Fault Monitoring
Control3 constantly checks all the DALI devices in the building. Should a fault occur, such as a lamp failure, a severed cable or power outage it will immediately raise a fault alarm and if required notify you by email.
Occupancy Monitoring
Control3 knows where people are in your building and records that information for you. For each area you can see when people are present and get an indication of how busy that area is. Great information for building managers and retail operators

BMS Integration
Control3 has built in communication for BACnet and TREND building management protocols. Information such as occupancy status, light levels, emergency testing results and alarms can be passed to the BMS. In addition lighting settings can be accessed and changed directly by the BMS.

Emergency Testing
Emergency lights are automatically tested with both functional and duration tests. The test results are stored in the system and can be accessed via a web browser or sent via email.

Example Schematics

Control 3 – Hard Wired

Control 3 – Recessed LCM

Control 3 – Recessed LCM + T-Pieces

Control 3 – With LINIA

Control 3 – LINIA as Wiring System

Control3 Components

Main Processor

DALI Slice

Integrated Multisensor

Mini Multisensor


Finished Enclosure

Scene Plate

Switch Input


Wireless Switch

Modular Wiring Parts

Control3 Downloads

Control3 Brochure

Control3 App for Windows

Adobe Flash has been discontinued, this app allows you to connect and use the Control3 UI from a windows PC.  Future versions of Control3 will have an html interface and will not require this app.

Download the file, unzip and run the Control3.exe file contained within.

Download Now


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