continuous lighting busbar trunking


LINIA is a pre-wired 5 to 11 core busbar carrier trunking system with a broad range of dedicated luminaires, spotlights accessories and lighting controls that can be integrated into the trunking body. These luminaire modules feature highly efficient LED boards made in-house in Germany and feature a variety of class leading optics. The system also allows tap-offs and adapters to fit standard products from RIDI and SPECTRAL brands.

LINIA is quick and simple to install, flexible and easy to maintain and above all cost effective.

The busbar trunking provides 3 x 16A power feeds, a DALI controls circuit and two completely separate 10A emergency lighting feeds for central battery use.

Installation is completely tool-less with push fit connectors and joiners. The luminaires snap into place at any position along the run and are automatically connected physically and electrically.

DALI luminaires and emergency luminaires are equally easy to fit, they just snap into place and automatically pick up the right connections.

LINIA is a perfect example of a serviceable product designed for the modern circular economy. All supported by RIDI’s 10 year commitment to spare parts.

See how easy LINIA is to install






  • IP54 with the simple addition of accessories.

  • Vertical connection system with positive electrical fixing.

  • Additional mechanical supports for secure and safe fixings.

  • Minimum 10-year commitment to parts availability means you will never struggle for spares.

  • Designed to be easy to install and not rely on additional electrical work.

  • New chemically resistant LED board options for heavier industrial applications





  • New metric sizes make planning simple

  • Intuitive internal colour navigation system

  • Easy phase selection or reselection for all luminaire modules

  • Flexible fixing points anywhere along the length of the trunking busbar

  • Luminaires can be positioned anywhere along the busbar

  • Easy to cut to size





  • 75% faster to install over conventional trunking with traditional wiring

  • Competitive pricing

  • System only requires qualified electrician to supply feed into the LINIA run.

  • Highly energy efficient lighting modules – options for various optics to deliver light where you need it.
  • Easy integration of lighting controls to further save energy
  • Simple easy maintenance, two emergency lines*

Save 75% on your install time with RIDI LINIA


Watch the test to see how we save 75% of the install time





  • Wide choice of integrated luminaire modules for many applications

  • Easy selection of switch lines on a circuit

  • Can fix luminaires from other ranges within RIDI Group

  • Other manufacturers luminaires can be adapted to fit

  • Wide range of optics for industrial applications

  • Choice of 5, 7 and 11-core busbar trunking allowing for systems to have three switch lines, two Dali lines and two emergency lines*


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