A spectrum of opportunity. Whether used as a classic wall luminaire, a pendant low glare linear workplace luminaire, a feature ceiling design, Stora offers countless options. Scale your lighting to suit the space by using sizes from 420mm to 950mm diameter and lengths from 580 to 1550mm.


Large luminous surface areas of light offer very good glare control. Many installations across the world have used Stora to achieve large surfaces of light. Increased glare control is possible by specifying prismatic optical panels. By opting for the optional indirect component, a balance can be drawn and light contrast reduced. Tuneable white variants offer the ability to control the light in the circadian principles encouraged in latest well being standards.


Ring shapes (Stora K and Stora LK) are formed with precision using CNC techniques. Stora rings are manufactured in one piece so no light escapes at the joints – diffusers have milled steps in the opal panels to allow thermal expansion but no light bleed. Available in diameters 650, 950, 1200 and 1500mm. The new low profile Stora K allows designers freedom to form a unique unobtrusive lighting language to any space.

Technical Information

Art.No. Description Shape
Data Sheet Photometric Data Product Image BIM File
SPC0620006STORA-RA 420 4300/840 OSround420 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K3600 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0620007STORA-P-LED 5000/830 MPSrectangular1070 mmPendant≥ 803000 K3660 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct Image
SPC0620009STORA-RP 420 4300/840 OSround420 mmPendant≥ 804000 K3900 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0620017STORA-QA-LED 2600/840 OSsquare312 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K1860 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0620056STORA-RP 500 NDFWS830OS0430round500 mmPendant≥ 803000 K3880 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0620057STORA-RP 500 NDFWS840OS0450round500 mmPendant≥ 804000 K4080 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0620060STORA-RA 500 NDFWS830OS0430round500 mmCeiling≥ 803000 K4230 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0620061STORA-RA 500 NDFWS840OS0450round500 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K4430 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0620064STORA-RP 650 6000/830 OSround650 mmPendant≥ 803000 K4380 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0620065STORA-RP 650 6000/840 OSround650 mmPendant≥ 804000 K4600 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0620068STORA-RA 650 6000/830 OSround650 mmCeiling≥ 803000 K4640 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0620069STORA-RA 650 6000/840 OSround650 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K4880 lmOn/OffWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630006STORA-RA 420 4300/840 OS-DAround420 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K3600 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630009STORA-RP 420 4300/840 OS-DAround420 mmPendant≥ 804000 K3900 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630017STORA-QA-LED 2600/840 OS-DAsquare312 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K1860 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630024STORA-P-LED 5200/840 OS-DArectangular1070 mmPendant≥ 804000 K3720 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630025STORA-P-LED 7800/840 OS-DArectangular1565 mmPendant≥ 804000 K5590 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630026STORA-PA-LED 5200/840 OS-DArectangular1070 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K3720 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630027STORA-PA-LED 7800/840 OS-DArectangular1565 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K5590 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630029STORA-QP-LED 5200/840 OS-DAsquare580 mmPendant≥ 804000 K3720 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630034STORA-QA-LED 5200/840 OS-DAsquare580 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K3720 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630056STORA-RP 500 DAFWS830OS0430round500 mmPendant≥ 803000 K3880 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630057STORA-RP 500 DAFWS840OS0450round500 mmPendant≥ 804000 K4080 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630060STORA-RA 500 DAFWS830OS0430round500 mmCeiling≥ 803000 K4230 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630061STORA-RA 500 DAFWS840OS0450round500 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K4430 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630064STORA-RP 650 6000/830OS-DAround650 mmPendant≥ 803000 K4380 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630065STORA-RP 650 6000/840 OS-DAround650 mmPendant≥ 804000 K4880 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630068STORA-RA 650 6000/830 OS-DAround650 mmCeiling≥ 803000 K4640 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPC0630069STORA-RA 650 6000/840 OS-DAround650 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K4880 lmDALIWhitePDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat

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