The products of the three RIDI Group brands are designed, maunfactured and distributed in a way to make them as sustainable as possible.

Low impact manufacturing | Long life | Maintainable | Easily recyclable


Manufacturing & Distribution

Low impact production

Closed Loop Manufacturing

Waste elements from the production process are actively recovered and re-incorporated, reducing the use of virgin material.

European Factories & Locally Sourced Materials

We make the majority of our products in our three European factories and source raw materials from within the EU

Carbon Neutral Energy for our Main Factory

The BEK Bioenergy plant, a RIDI Group joint venture, provides carbon neutral heat and power to our Jungingen facility.

Easily Recycled Packaging

Unbleached cardboard is widely and easily recycled, removing polythene bags and polystyrene reduces plastic waste.

Lifetime maintainability

Your right to repair and maintain

Designed to maintain and built to last

Our Luminaires are designed and built to outlast the LEDs.  Swap out the light source to re-invigorate the luminaire without affecting the building fabric.

Tested, to ensure suitability

Rigourous testing of all our products allows us to give you a 5 year warranty and peace of mind.

Spare parts available for the long term

Because we make our own products, LED boards and all, we can make sure parts will be on hand if you need them.

Recycle, in the end

Screws, not glue.  Easy to disassemble, metal bodies can be recycled not buried.


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