SQL Sign Recessed

Ceiling mounted, recessed LED Exit sign



Light Source Battery Input Voltage Ip rating
10 x 3 Chip LED 1.5Ah Li-Fe 220-240V 50-60Hz IP20


Ceiling mounted, recessed LED Exit sign suited to modern architectural environments. An attractive flat design with the exit legend being framed by a high quality Aluminium extrusion measuring just 237x137mm.

The specially screened light-conducting panel ensures a uniform illumination and due to their high illuminance of >500cd/m² are ideal for use in brightly lit environments.

Can be configured for non-maintained, maintained or switch maintained operation.

Functions as stand-alone Self Test as standard or can be connected to a DALI system.


Order Codes:



Wall Mounted, LED Exit Sign



Grey painted finish

/DS Double Sided
Legends /ECAR EC Format – Arrow Right
/ECAL EC Format – Arrow Left
/ECAD EC Format – Arrow Down
/ISOAR ISO Format – Arrow Right
/ISOAL ISO Format – Arrow Left
/ISOAU ISO Format – Arrow Up

Data Sheet:


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