Combines wireless enabled luminaires, sensors, switches and scene plates along with a simple to use mobile app.

The system is fully featured, providing the same functionality of typical wired systems, but proves itself invaluable where additional control wiring is difficult or unwanted.

Functionality …

Energy Saving

Motion Detection
Wireless multisensor sensors detect occupancy and allow both presence and absence control regimes.

Using presence detection, lights switch on and off automatically with occupancy. With absence detection, lights need to be switched on manually using a switch or scene plate but still switch off automatically.

Daylight Harvesting
A room with daylight is more natural and comfortable to work in. It also means that less artificial light is needed. Automatic dimming and switching of the lighting maintains the right lighting levels and reduces energy usage.

Time Control
Lighting output and settings can be timed to match your building’s usage. Each area can respond to the type of usage based on day and time.

Comfort, Convenience and Wellbeing

Scene Setting and Sequences
Change the mood or function of a room at the touch of a button. And you can fine tune those scenes any time using the simple mobile app.

Circadian rhythms and Tuneable White
Daylight is never static, it changes in colour and intensity from dawn to dusk. Used with RIDI group tuneable white luminaires, the system is able to mimic this cycle to promote wellbeing.

Find out more about well lighting

Smart Circulation
We don’t hold on a whole building’s corridors and circulation areas, just because one office is occupied.

Smart Circulation puts a bubble of light around building users so that they never enter a dark corridor or stairwell, while minimising the lit area to save energy.

AV Integration
Connect to with your AV system so that at a touch of button the blinds will close, the projector and sound system will switch on and of course the perfect light level will be set.

… with Simple Installation


Smart Wireless is powered by the Casambi bluetooth mesh, which means no control cables are required.

Swap existing lights for wireless enabled units and connect to the existing mains wiring.  The sensors are mains powered but communicate via Bluetooth, they can piggy-back from the lighting power.

Virtually all our luminaires can be supplied as wireless enabled versions and many will be drop in replacements for your existing modular fittings.

Configure using your phone, or let us take care of it.



We work with you from the very begining to ensure that when all luminaires and controls are supplied they will be compatible, efficient and economical.

Please contact us if you would like further information about lighting controls, energy savings or if you would like any assistance with planning your next project


The smart wireless system is easy to configure using the free mobile app.  If you’d rather get on with your day job, leave it to us to set it up for you.


We offer on-site and remote support plans for long term peace of mind.


Wireless Controls Brochure

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