U-Sign Pendant

Ceiling Mounted Pendant LED Exit Sign


Wire Suspended LED Exit sign suited to modern architectural environments. Frameless exit sign is supported by an extruded aluminium housing, with adjustable suspension wires. Small gear box can be surface mounted or semi-recessed.

Available with 3hr maintained or non-maintained operation.




Light Source Battery Input Voltage Ip rating
18 X white LEDs 3.6V 900mAh NiCd 220-240V 50-60Hz IP20

Order Codes:



Ceiling Mounted, LED Exit Sign
Legends /ECAR EC Format – Arrow Right
/ECAL EC Format – Arrow Left
/ECAD EC Format – Arrow Down
/ISOAR ISO Format – Arrow Right
/ISOAL ISO Format – Arrow Left
/ISOAU ISO Format – Arrow Up

Data Sheet:


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