Norea-Sky is a highly stable edge to edge large-area lighting solution with high-quality and efficient LEDs. Engineered to facilitate simple installation and for ease of both assembly and maintenance, the textile membrane can be replaced without tools.



Norea Sky can be scaled to suit the building. Standard sizes of up to 4 square meters are possible. Human centric lighting (Circadian lighting) aims at providing a type of ‘daylight progression’ that Norea-Sky is able to emulate. Should you want to add colour features 5 channel versions can be specified for RGB-TW solutions

The Rowe
Central House, London



The expansive fabric diffuser is porous to sound waves, and traps ambient sounds within the body of the luminaire, reducing the reverbation times for the room.  The result is a calmer and less harsh acoustic signature for areas that employ Norea Sky.


In keeping with our ethos of resposible light, Norea Sky is designed and produced for longevity, easy maintainability and, ultimately, its ability to be easily recycled at end of life.

The fabric diffusers are easily removed for cleaning and can be just as easily replaced if damaged.

Everything in the luminaire can be accessed for easy maintenence from behind the fabric diffuser without having to demount the unit from the ceiling. Both the LED boards and the Control gear can be replaced using standard tools. Spares are available for at least 10 years under our replacement part promise.

All the components are fixed using screws, no glues or composites, making it easy to dissasamble for recycling.

All the components are fixed using screws, no glues or composites, making it easy to dissasamble for recycling.


Standard dimensions from 950 x 950 mm up to 2050 x 2050 mm enable a wide range of applications. Foyer areas, conference rooms, sales areas or rooms that receive little or no daylight are perfect for Norea-Sky. Please refer to our lookbook for further details.

Technical Information

Art.No. Description Shape
Data Sheet Photometric Data Product Image BIM File
SPT0000192NOREA-SKY QA1250/2400/840DAsquare1250 mmCeiling≥ 804000 K12500 lmDALI-2aluminiumPDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPT0000193NOREA-SKY QA1250/2200/TWDAsquare1250 mmCeiling≥ 802700–6500 K11440 lmDALI-2aluminiumPDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPT0000194NOREA-SKY QP1250/2400/840DAsquare1250 mmPendant≥ 804000 K12500 lmDALI-2aluminiumPDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat
SPT0000195NOREA-SKY QP1250/2200/TWDAsquare1250 mmPendant≥ 802700–6500 K11440 lmDALI-2aluminiumPDFEulumdatProduct ImageEulumdat

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