A simple to use room based control system for teaching environments.  Save energy with daylight harvesting, and auto off and retain control over the lighting with manual dimming and user presets.

All the parts communicate wirelessly over a Bluetooth mesh, making the install process particularly quick and easy.  Re-use existing wiring points for luminaires – No need for extra dimming cables.

Setting the Learning Agenda

Pick the perfect scene using Class Control’s tailored control interface. Maximum energy savings and the optimum learning environment.


Daylight Harvesting

  • Levels maintained as daylight fades
  • Light level can be adjusted at any time

Just as the daylight saving mode reduces lighting intensity, Class Control’s daylight sensors automatically increase output from the luminaires when levels of natural light fall.

Interactive Mode

  • Lights near projector lowered
  • Remaining lights provide working level

The interactive whiteboard is a common feature in today’s classroom but the learning experience only reaches its full potential when lighting levels are able to adjust to the teaching situation, minimising glare and reflection.

Low Natural Light

  • Lights DIM as daylight increases
  • Energy usage falls

When natural daylight reaches a point at which lighting levels can be reduced, Class Control’s daylight detection sensors allow for staged dimming of luminaires.

Absence Detection

  • Lights only on when required
  • Automatic Switch off

The lights are only lit when one of the lighting modes is chosen on the wall plate, they don’t come on just because you’ve walked into the room. Of course when the room’s empty they switch of automatically if you forget to do it on your way out.

Ease of use…

Classrooms are multi-functional, having to cater for a wide range of tasks from close concentration deskwork to whiteboard viewing and multimedia presentation.

As the activity changes, the user is able to alter the light setting at the touch of a button. As well as the instant response delivered by the daylight sensors, users can select pre-set scenes, created for a variety of teaching needs, via the wall mounted touch panels.

The wall mounted controls are battery powered and can be located anywhere within the room by adhesive brackets, or carried around by the teacher.


… and Simple Installation


Class Control Wireless is powered by Casambi bluetooth mesh, which means no control cables are required.

Swap existing lights for wireless enabled units and connect to the existing mains wiring.  The sensors are mains powered but connect via Bluetooth, they can piggy-back from the lighting power.

Virtually all our luminaires can be supplied as wireless enabled versions and many will be drop in replacements for your existing modular fittings.

Configure using your phone, or let us take care of it.



We work with you from the very begining to ensure that when all luminaires and controls are supplied they will be compatible, efficient and economical.

Please contact us if you would like further information about lighting controls, energy savings or if you would like any assistance with planning your next project


The Class Control system is setup by our in-house commissioning engineers. They ensure that light levels, timer values and scene settings match your requirements and achieve energy savings to their full potential.


A snapshot of every system we commission is stored safely in the UK. That means that if you need a replacement part, we can ensure it is pre-programmed to match the original before it’s sent out.


Wireless Controls Brochure

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