Smart Air Purification

Smart air purification with photocatalysys

BAIRY helps protect against viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and general unpleasant odours.

It works in combination with other pandemic precautions such as regular ventilation and handwashing to make rooms safer.

While BAIRY has been proven effective at neutralising COVID-19 virus particles in air, its use is not a guarantee of infection prevention and it is not a medical device.

BAIRY can be used as a stand alone device in offices, meeting rooms, classrooms and lecture theatres without complex planning requirements.

The technology

BAIRY is an innovative, photocatalytic, oxidative air purification system. The air is purified using the principle of ‘silent combustion’.

BAIRY is a completely harmless system that can be used continuously and also when people are present.

Advanced technology in the form of a titanium dioxide catalyst under irradiation with UV-A LEDs produces free radicals which effectively oxidise and thus destroys any viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens, and odours that are carried into the unit by the airflow.

The process does not produce ozone, only a small amount of harmless substances such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour (H2O)



Germ destruction and particle elimination through ‘silent combustion’ with free radicals formed when UV-A illuminates photo catalyst

+ Extremely effective, broad results
+ Low risk to building users
+ No complex planning
+ Low maintenance cost

Perceptible fan noise



UV-C Technology

UV-C irradiation kills pathogens by damaging their genetic material, which causes their rapid death and renders them ineffective

+ Highly effective

Safety for room users
Complex planning
Short service life (tube)
High cost (LED)



HEPA Filtration

HEPA filters remove not only dust particles but also viruses, bacteria, and fungi from the air

+ Highly effective
+ Low risk to building users

High maintenance cost (filter replacement)
Possible contamination (filter replacement)
Perceptible fan noise



BAIRY uses an integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module making it easy to integrate into the space and allowing users to check the air quality via an app in real time. BAIRY has a smoothly adjustable flow which can also be adjusted from the app in addition to numerous other functions.

The table-top version also has three adjustable levels that can be set using the button on the top of the unit.


easy integration into room solutions

APCON® EASY BLE is RIDI Group’s solution for controlling both luminaires and BAIRY.
BLE radio modules in the luminaires and  other similarly equipped control components form a bluetooth mesh network allowing easy,  intelligent control from the mobile app.

Operation and configuration of the luminaires and control components of an APCON® EASY BLE network is possible from any (Bluetooth V4) Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. The app is available for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

For more information on our APCON® and other control solutions visit RIDI Group Controls


Ceiling and wall mounting

Art.-No. 0627836
L355 mm x ø156 mm x H 240 mm

Module for LINIA

Art.-Nr. 1550207
L 500 mm x Ø 156 mm x H 220 mm

Freestanding desk version

Art.-Nr. 0627837
L 275 mm x Ø 156 mm x H 193 mm

Technical Information

Power: 38W
Weight: 2,4 kg
Acoustic level: 15 – 50 dB(A)
Capacity: 126 m³/Hour
Nominal LED life UV-A: L70/35.000h
Cleaning interval filter: 6 Months
Range (ceiling height 3,0m): Ceiling-mounted version up to 450 m³
Range (Table version): Table version up to 240 m³

Versions for recessed ceiling mounting or 3-phase track available on request.

Eco Design Directive

LED light source replaceable by a professional

Control gear replaceable by a professional


BAIRY Viral Load Test Results


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