Light perfected.

For over seventy years now, NORKA produces technical lighting for difficult operating conditions. NORKA luminaires withstand the most difficult environments: Water and dust tight, impact-resistant, ammonia-resistant are just some of NORKAs luminaires’ possible attributes.

NORKA luminaires can be found everywhere where harsh conditions like dust, water or special atmospheres make life hard for luminaires. NORKA’s product range covers trackside lighting, industrial lighting, lighting for the food processing industry as well as lighting for special atmospheres as e.g. swimming halls and a lot more.


Founded in 1948, NORKA started with cable and junction boxes for electrical installations, followed by watertight and dustproof luminaires. Today NORKA‘s product range contains a multitude of energy-efficient and low-maintenance LED luminaires for difficult environments. Beyond that, special products for specific applications have been, and will continue to be, developed according to customer requirements.

NORKA tests its products to their limits, to make sure they work perfectly in operation.

A broad variety of public transport operators trust in NORKA‘s lighting expertise at public stations or in their company work pits.

Knowing its products to the core, NORKA provides also special solutions for specific applications.

NORKA provides solutions for difficult environments

Repair hall for trains – lit by NORKA

Germany’s most modern repair hall for regional trains can be found in Munich. Here, trains are inspected top to bottom and made ready for the track again. In five maintenance lines, each 200 metres in length, trains can been inspected and serviced simultaneously on three levels.

Station by the riverside: Hamburg Elbbrücken

The underground station is situated above ground next to the Elbe river and is covered by a large, vaulted glass roof. For the illumination of the platforms and the adjacent access lighting design office Conceptlicht chose the MÜNCHEN LED luminaire from NORKA as the basis.


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