Warehouse Lighting

Logistics, Bulk Storage, Manufacturing & Assembly

  • 65 Years as a lighting manufacturer
  • Making Continuous Lighting Trunking systems for over 30 years
  • Factory dedicated to producing LINIA busbar system

LINIA manufacturing plant, Rellingen, Germany

Working with major clients throughout the UK and Europe


Plug and Play continuous Busbar lighting system

Energy Saving

  • Highly efficient mid power LEDs
  • Specialised optics direct light where you need it
  • Integrated Lighting Controls
  • Accurate planning service prevents overlighting

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Specially designed optics put the light where you need it,
not wasting it where you don’t.

GABLER Immobilienverwaltung GmbH & Co KG
Banana Ripening Warehouse
Hørkram, Aarhus

Install Time Saving

  • Busbar system – Prewired for power, controls and Emergency Lighting
  • Fittings snap in anywhere along the run without tools
  • Single connection point for a whole run
  • Can be installed by anyone, only the final connection requires an electrician


Take 75% off your install time with RIDI LINIA

See the difference between conventional lighting trunking and RIDI LINIA

Project Cost Saving

  • Excellent value products
  • Fast install time
  • Install by anyone, only final connection by electrican
  • Reduce risk of Labour overruns


Save up to 30% on the installed cost compared to conventional trunking

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Simple maintenance

  • Tool-less removal and replacement of fittings
  • Click in parts – no electrician required
  • 5Yr Warranty
  • 10Yr Parts Availability

See how easy RIDI LINIA is to install and maintain.

Lighting controls

  • Energy Saving – Movement and Daylight Detection
  • Emergency Lighting Testing
  • Time Control
  • Fault Monitoring
  • Run Time Monitoring
  • BMS Integration


Save up to 80% Energy with RIDI LINIA and Control3

Emergency Lighting

  • Simple clip in emergency modules
  • Integrated Battery Option
  • Central Battery Option
  • Automated Testing and Reporting
  • Exit Signs
  • Anti Panic Lighting
  • Use Standard fittings in emergency mode

Lighting Planning

  • UK based in house design team
  • Free design and planning service
  • Free site survey and quotation

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Product Selection

  • Products suitable for all warehouse types
  • IP54 Options
  • Nano coating protection for hostile environments
  • Certification for food processing
  • Suspensions and fixings for all eventualities

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RIDI are a second generation family owned business established in 1954. We pride ourselves on service and approachability.  We’d love to hear from you.

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