Game Changers

Innovative design is the focal point of Brightgreen’s culture. The Australian lighting design company hit the market with the world’s first LED to match the brightness of a 50W halogen 10 years ago. They changed the game with that downlight, and they haven’t stopped since.


The world’s highest light quality. Tru-Colour lighting technology boasts more colours than any other white LED light. With top scores on both the CRI and TM-30 scales, it enhances both fabrics and skin tones. It’s the real-life filter for constant photo-ops, and it’s standard across the Brightgreen range.

Digital Drivers

The fastest frequency drivers on the market. Engineered for seamless integration with home automation systems, Brightgreen’s drivers deliver flicker-free deep dimming.

Smart Lighting

Lighting does more than provide visibility. Night Shift sets the mood for relaxation, while Day Shift creates a focused setting.

Human-Centric Design

Between fires and pandemics, building health became more than an afterthought in 2020. Brightgreen rolled with the changes and pivoted to a human-centric focus. Their wellness system optimizes not only lighting, but air quality as well. And their ultraviolet lights kill viruses on the spot.

The Extra Step

Brightgreen is a certified B Corp and invests in wind farms and hydro to be 100% carbon neutral. They don’t play the planned obsolescence game but instead build their products to last. They back up their wordplay with a 7-year warranty and a promise to buy back at the end of life.


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