li:fy is all about lighting to engender a sense of well-being and a warm, home-from-home ambience in any space. In the hospitality sector particularly, this brand focuses on making people feel at ease. Given the hectic pace of modern life, no matter where we are, the sense of arriving and feeling at home in a cosy, pleasant ambience is something we all appreciate.

The products of the li:fy brand are designed specifically for hotels, residential homes, and student accommodation as well as sales situations, prestigious offices and high-end public buildings.


Light changes perceptions and can contrib- ute towards creating or reinforcing certain emotions. To achieve this, compliance with certain technical lighting data is essential, but all too often the overall impact made by a particular lighting scenario on a personal level is forgotten.


The products of the li:fy brand are not drawn into any compromise when it comes to creating a pleasant ambience: They combine innovative technology and the right lighting mood with unique light fitting design.


Many of our products can be tailored exactly to your individual needs. li:fy products adapt to their project, without disturbing the foreground.


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