Architectural Exterior Lighting

LANDA are producers of architectural exterior lighting products for commercial and residential landscape environments. Their products have creativity in their DNA and the recently launched Nest and Firefly products are perfect examples of this.

Each component of the Landa luminaires is completely designed, developed, engineered and manufactured in Italy. In Lumezzane, the production hub of the province of Brescia. Here they produce everything starting from melting of metals up to the machining from solid materials and the drawing on the finished product. All products are made to IP65/67 protection and use advanced LED technology. Because of the way LANDA products are produced, they are able to accommodate special customer requirements.

Key Product Virtual Tour



Outdoor spaces once again keep secrets, because the essence of light allows itself to be guided by the formidable simplicity of nature.


Perfect form elevated to the highest power.
Regular polyhedron, with six sides and twelve identical corners.


The unexpected can be found in Nest, hiding among the leaves to become their accomplice.Metal and wood guide this silent conversation in harmony with the surrounding greenery.


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