1 Billion Colours

Tru colour contains more colours than any other white LED light making it the highest light quality in the world with a CRI of 98 on the old scale.

Gallery grade lighting

Tru colour is used in professional art galleries to render art works with accurate vibrancy and detail.

Luxurious furnishings

Furnishings, rugs and plants show the best of their texture and sheen with the unmatched light quality of Tru Colour.

Rich materials

The warmth of natural materials are brought to life under Tru colour whilst keeping a clean white light derived from an exceptionally well balanced spectrum.

Grow lights

Create healthy environments by using Tru Colour.Full spectrum light is used to grow lush indoor forests, as used by the Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria

Better photos

Increase photo quality by 18% with more colour saturation on making pictures of everything and everyone look amazing

Quality as standard

Every Brightgreen interior light features Tru colour as standard.


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