Bringing out the best in your interiors

The purpose at Brightgreen is to create lights that make your interiors look amazing.

This young Australian compnay started by asking key designers, engineers and architects what really makes an amazing interior.

Custom phosphors, optics and electronics were designed, amd tested to produce the perfect set of light fittings to bring your interior to life.


technology that improves the appearance of furnishings, interior surfaces and textiles.  The custom phosphors render vibrant colours, defined details and flattering skin tones.

Tested to represent higher values of key colours across the visual spectrum, Tru-Colour lights add depth and richness to interior colours and design details.

Digital Drivers

Engineered for seamless integration with leading home automation systems, the range of adaptive digital drivers provides a solution for every application. Eliminate time spent troubleshooting lighting control and get flicker-free, deep-dimming LEDs for your next project.

Design and Detail

Starting with a blank canvas, and flexible responsive manufacturing process has allowed the creation of unique luminaire designs and innovative solutions.


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