IRIS Re-engineered

27 Jul, 2020Product Updates

The new generation IRIS is a comprehensive redesign of the iconic luminaire launched to much acclaim in 2003. Back then it won many awards such as the prestigious IF Award and was celebrated for an innovative use of the fluorescent T5 circular lamp using a unique radial prism lens and an electronic ballast designed specifically to fit in the ring-shaped housing. It also featured colour filter options and three transparent power cords that combined power and control into the suspension wire. Many of the unique features have been retained for the latest generation.

A defining objective for the latest generation IRIS was concentrating on optimum eye comfort as the luminaire is very well suited to modern open plan workplaces. A careful balance between impressive output (near 5000 lumens) and eye comfort is achieved by a laser profiled radial prism that Spectral’s engineers have cleverly integrated into the one-piece housing. This ensures no dust and insects become apparent in long term use. Transparency has been increased which ensures IRIS has minimal impact on the ceiling landscape.

Designed and manufactured in house, IRIS features dual channel PCB’s that not only allow individual control of the upward and downward light but allow Spectral to offer a Tuneable white version of IRIS for when circadian lighting is specified. Ever increasing efficiency standards drove the technical team to achieve an impressive 140 Lumens per watt (840).

IRIS now forms a family of products. Available in wall, ceiling and pendant versions, we’ve added a larger 600mm diameter version which enables the planner to choose the light to suit the scale of the space from low ceilings to large open plan areas such as atrium. It combines integral emergency versions.

Iris on LINIA

You can specify IRIS to have an attachment plate to enable it to be mounted to RIDI’s bus bar trunking system called LINIA. This allows very efficient power and control delivery and makes installation incredibly quick and simple.


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