30 Jun, 2020Company News

RIDI Lighting Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of our new website and rebrand in the UK. We will now market as RIDI Group UK and will host all our featured brands under one roof. The challenges of the last few months presented us with an opportunity to do this necessary rebrand and we thank our many customers who have given us essential feedback in this process.

The objective of this RIDI Group UK rebrand is to allow customers to not only access everything in one place but also to provide information and content which is specific to the UK. With our alliance partner brands, we aim to have most segments of the lighting market covered. The key aim is to make selection of products much easier and relevant. We want RIDI Group UK to be seen as a ‘go to’ company for innovative architectural and commercial lighting products.

The new website also gives us the opportunity to display one of our big brand assets and that is our photography. RIDI Group UK invest heavily in traditional professional photography and we believe the attention to detail in using such media helps our customers see the products literally in the best light. Because we have the portfolio of projects, we very seldom resort to CGI imagery.

Finally, a new area on our website is ‘Sectors’ where we want to display our expertise in these areas. Our eventual aim is to provide a RIBA accredited CPD for each sector. We intend to increase our existing portfolio of CPD and learning modules significantly during 2020.

See our existing portfolio

In the meantime, we welcome any constructive comments to help us make our new website even better.

Mike Attard. Managing Director for RIDI Group UK.


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