1FA (Finsbury Avenue)

Category A to Category B with LINIA

RIDI Group has had a major role in the refurbishment of 1FA. The iconic grade II listed building originally constructed in the 1980’s by Arup Associates has undergone a change from single tenancy to mixed use. Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects oversaw the re-development for British Land and selected RIDI-LINIA for the majority of the internal lighting. The result is a successful mixed usage space with retail, leisure, and flexible co-working. The lighting system needed to be adaptable and appropriate for such a project.

RIDI LINIA | Continuous BusBar Lighting System

Category A – Installation

Category A Installation

The entire building was lit with the RIDI LINIA system which is a product used for both industrial and commercial buildings. Supplied in black finish, the product looked both modern and technical for what is a completely stripped back exposed services space. The LINIA system was supplied with the MPS low-glare luminaire modules to provide office compliance together with exceptional efficiency and performance. RIDI supplied over 6000 of these luminaires onto its proprietary pre-wired trunking system. The system also fed the centrepiece atrium lighting that consisted of over 200 Spectral FINY’s to create a pixel effect at high level.

Category B Fitout

Category B – Fitout

LINIA came into its own for the various office Cat B fitouts, including space taken by Product Madness and a leading Cyber Security firm, due to its sheer flexibility – because the luminaire modules are easily demounted and can be repositioned anywhere along the trunking with tool-less simplicity. Clearly feature and decorative lighting was introduced to the various areas of the fit-out contracts, but they all worked around the core LINIA product which proved to be the mainstay lighting for the working zones. LINIA also had the advantage in that it could also be used to power additional feature and decorative products – not just from RIDI Group.

At the heart of the atrium is the rather fun Atoll café facility. The structure is designed to bring the park into the workspace and was designed by Morag Myerscough. Here they were able to take playfully take advantage of the tuneable white FINY products and set the mood according to weather and time of day. The combination is of a dramatic and organic looking atrium.

LINIA is an adaptable system and is easily upgradable in the future. Luminaire modules are designed to be repaired, upgraded, or even changed for a different design in the future -which means less wastage and low cost of re-install. Combine this with the RIDI Group 10-year commitment to replacement parts and you have a truly sustainable lighting system. Add this to RIDI Group’s already sustainable manufacturing processes and you have a product to work with your company’s environmental ambitions.

Fit for the circular economy.

Products Used



Plug and play, continuous busbar lighting system


Wide distribution and great glare control. VLG-FS is ideal for offices and any areas with regular VDT use.

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